Bottom Belt Puffer

  • nylon shell
  • 85% white duck down (250g-300g)
  • zipper closure
  • full length sleeve
  • regular waist length
  • NOTE: Bra size and bust size is not the same. You can measure with tape or convert your bra size to bust by adding 1 inch for A cup, 2 inch for B cup, 3 inch for C cup, 4 inch for D cup, 5 inch for DD/E, 6 inches for DDD/F,  7 inch for G, 8 for H, 9 for I, 10 for J, 11 for K, 12 for L. Alaways buy the size that 2-3 inches more than your bust!!. (Ex 32D bra =36 bust, buy a size equivalent to 2-3 inches more than your bust)
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